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Can a chiropractor help with bad posture?

My 12 year old son has really bad posture. Can a chiropractor help with bad posture?

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Yes, but a lot of that depends on your son, as well.
Hello, Yes chiropractic can help with bad posture. The chiropractor usually gives stretches and exercises to help along with the adjustments. Definitely schedule a consultation for your son.
The chiropractor is your best option for posture related issues for your son. Look specifically for a chiropractor who also does postural rehab. The combination is best.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP

Yes, chiropractic care can help bad posture.

Mark Klezmer, DC, CCSP, CCST, FIAMA
Chiropractic care can absolutely help with posture and in fact is one of the most common complaints in our office. We treat posture using a combination of adjustments, muscle work and rehab exercises. Fixing the postural imbalances is even more important in adolescence to ensure proper development and to prevent and chronic injuries.

Dr. Latza
Absolutely. Especially in younger patients, we can see a drastic change for the better! Get into a great chiropractor and have your son checked! It is safe, gentle, and precise -- he will love it!


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Yes. Many times, bad posture habits are due to lack of normal joint motion of the spine causing shorting of muscles and ligaments. When a person tries to exercise good postural hygiene it becomes uncomfortable due to this lack of normal joint motion therefore they slump. Also, a chiropractor can recommend a postural brace to assist in holding the shoulders back and the upper torso straight. They are simple, comfortable and can be worn under the clothes so no one even knows the child is wearing one.

Yours in health,

Doc J


Yes, chiropractic care can restore function and mobility to his/her spine, but posture is something that starts at home, at a young age and continues for life.


Dr. Joel D. Duchon
The answer is yes, in many cases. The better results are obtained with early intervention. Have your child examined and evaluated soon as possible as postures become more permanent as time progresses. Of course I would say that about cases I see. If you drop a match onto the carpet, it’s easiest handled by simply stepping it out. End of story. If you drop the match and watch the fire grow, the longer you wait, the harder job you’ll have of neutralizing the threat. Always think “Early Intetvention”
YES! Chiropractic is great for posture. We actually use an application that measures progressive changes in posture with chiropractic care and home exercises.
In the majority of cases Yes
Yes! Chiropractic care helps to balance the nervous system therefore balancing the muscular system. Typically chiropractors can guide you for good posture and give you different stretches and exercises to help strengthen the proper muscles.
Yes, this is a common issue Chiropractors work with, especially in young people.
Chiropractic is a licensed doctor who does diagnosis and either preforms and/or recommends treatment. The question is what is causing the problem with the spine and that requires diagnosis. Diagnosis can't be done without an examination. If the cause is postural then Chiropractic care with it's many therapeutic treatments including exercises is the treatment of choice. However, if the problem has a structural component the treatments will still help, but may not totally eliminate the underlying cause. Don't wait to have the examination as the younger the patient is when the problems is detected and treated the better.