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Can cracking your back paralyze you?

I am a 29 year male. I want to know if cracking your back can paralyze you?

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It is super super super rare. We know that insurance companies always make money and chiropractor's malpractice premiums are low which in turn means its safe!
No, cracking your back through techniques such as spinal adjustments performed by a trained chiropractor does not typically lead to paralysis. While the cracking sound may be audible during an adjustment, it is not the result of bones breaking or damaging nerves. Instead, it is often caused by the release of gas bubbles from the joints, which is a normal and harmless occurrence. However, it is important to consult with a qualified chiropractor who can assess your specific condition and provide appropriate care.

Some people have significantly injured themselves by trying to crack their own back, so that is not advised as it i both dangerous and ineffectual.
Anything is possible, that’s why chiropractors don’t recommend that you crack your own back. We are trained to do so
In a healthy 29 year old with no congenital abnormalities the answer is NO.
Chiropractic is the safest Profession. I pay only $2,000 per year for malpractice insurance. MDs pay tens of thousands for malpractice or even more. However never ever let any one not licensed and trained to crack your back or neck.
No cracking your own back won’t paralyze you but it is also not great for you if you feel like your back needs to be cracked you should have it x-rayed because your body is trying to tell you there’s something wrong.
You should always let a licensed chiropractor adjust your back.
This can only happen if you have a fractured spine and the fracture severs the spinal cord.