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Can a chiropractor relax your spine?

I am a 34 year old female. I want to have a chiropractic back/spine adjustment. Can a chiropractor relax your spine?

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The nature of the adjustment does relax the spine.
Yes. Your brain and nervous system control the muscles and their tension around the spine (including every other function in your body), and chiropractic adjustments help to relieve stress and tension in your brains d nervous system this relieving tension on the muscles and your spine (as well as tension all over your body).
When you receive a chiropractic adjustment a side effect is "resetting" certain receptors (GTO- Golgi tendon organs) throughout your back which can cause your back muscles to relax.
The adjustment can help relax the muscles that attach to the spine, but not the bones.
Yes, it will ease tension on the supporting musculature in and around the spine and take pressure off of the joint structures.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Having regular chiropractic spinal adjustments will help your nervous system and spinal musculature to relax and diminish any tension coming from joint malfunction.
Yes, chiropractic adjustment relax your spine by adjusting the restricted vertebrae that are causing muscle tension around the spine. The most common reaction to adjustments are relaxation and tension release as reported by patients. You will find it to be very relaxing. You may have some soreness after treatment which is normal.
A chiropractic doctor can relax muscles & the nervous system. Bones are very strong and relaxing them is not a problem. It's important that the skeletal system be in proper alignment for optimal function of your body.
Yes, proper alignment of the spine will effectively relax the muscles that attach to the spine.
Yes, the adjustment relieves spinal pressure