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Can a crown be replaced with another crown?

I am a 40 year old male. I want to know if a crown can be replaced with another crown?

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Yes. As long as there is nothing wrong with the tooth underneath.

Great question to ask! The answer may not seem straight forward; however, when you get down to it; it really is. Usually, there is a reason for replacing a crown with a new one. The reason can vary greatly, but among the most common are: decay (cavity) around the edge of the crown, crown has been worn through, and wanting better aesthetics. If there is decay or cavity around the crown, then most of the time the crown needs to come off and all the usual crown rules apply. In order to get the crown off, it is needs to be cut off and replacing it is most ideal. However, this depends on the location and extent of the cavity. Wearing through a crown seems like an impossible feat; however it does happen. Normally there is not a lot wrong with the actual tooth at this point, but there can be a small cavity. Replacing this crown is ideal, but the height of the tooth remaining is a concern for two reasons. One, if the crown has been worn through completely, then the height of someone's bite has gotten smaller by about 2 millimeters. To directly replace the crown the tooth needs to shorten another 2mm. This could lead to sensitivity due to the proximity to the nerve of the tooth. Two, a crown requires a certain height to be adequately retained. Losing another 2mm may compromise the retention. Finally, when the reason for replacing the crown is aesthetics; the answer is almost always yes, this crown can be replaced with another one. In this case, the tooth is lightly touched if at all. The gums normally recede away and the crown needs to be made longer.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
Yes, if there is enough tooth structure remaining to retain the new crown.

Dr. Forinos
Yes. We do that all the time. 
Definitely a new crown can replace an older one. The tooth underneath may require some extra preparation to clean it up and modify the shape, then a new crown can be made.
I hope this answers your question adequately.
Yes, if the existing crown is stable (no cavities undermining it) and the tooth is in healthy shape!
Yes. A crown can be exchanged for many reasons. Esthetics, open margin, recurring caries, chipped porcelain, just to name a few.
Many times, yes. Sometimes no. If the tooth structure under the crown is too badly damaged (by cavity or fracture), then a new crown cannot be placed.
Usually, yes, unless the tooth is hopelessly diseased.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD

The answer, most of the time, is yes! It depends on the condition of the tooth under the old crown. The tooth can be re-crown if the under lying tooth structure has enough tissue, is free of fractures, and does not have too much recurrent cavities. Basically as long as the foundation of the tooth is salvageable, you can re-crown a tooth.
Most of the time, yes.