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If my nose surgery goes wrong, can It be corrected?

I am planning to undergo plastic surgery for my nose. But, I am worried if the surgery doesn’t get the desired results, can it be corrected?

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Although revision rhinoplasty can be used to correct a previous rhinoplasty surgery, the best way to get the results that you want is to have it done correctly the first time. Revision rhinoplasty rarely gets the results that you would desire.
Revision surgery after primary rhinoplasty is unfortunately quite common. Many things can be changed after a rhinoplasty if a patient is unhappy with the result. However it is always easier to take away than to add back. Also because of scar tissue revision surgery can take longer and be somewhat less predictable. Some things cannot be made to order. A person with a very bulbous tip and extremely thick skin has a more limited result than someone with average to thinner skin of the tip area. Extremely crooked noses cannot always be made perfectly straight and though much better than before may require minor secondary procedures to fill in A small concavity. The first shot is usually always the best shot at getting the desired result. But revisions if necessary can be done.
At times, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) may not give the desired or expected outcome. It is possible that some "tweeking" of that nose surgery will be needed in the future after your nose has healed. For most, this is not a problem and corrections can be made.
A rhinoplasty is considered the most difficult surgery. Therefore, you need to find a top doctor who has performed thousands of them, and see actual patients (a few of them). And if you don't get the right result, such a surgeon will be able to correct it. It is always easier to perform good results the first time. Just remember, the nose shape has to balance with your facial features.
Absolutely. Revision rhinoplasty is something many will offer. Ask your board certified plastic surgeon about their revision rates if you have concerns. You want to ensure you are going to someone experienced.
Obviously, the best outcome would be for you to get the results that you were looking for in one operation, but yes, while often more challenging, it is rare when a bad result from a previous rhinoplasty cannot be corrected with a second operation.
Most likely. The best way to avoid secondary nose surgery is to pick it skilled rhinoplasty surgery the first time around. A significant number of rhinoplasties in my practice are secondary rhinoplasties (redoing a nose done by someone else).
Of course, but I have always felt that the best result is associated with doing the right surgery for the right reasons on the right patient for the first operation. You should discuss the possibilities of the need for additional surgery before you proceed with your plastic surgeon.
Well, a careful review of your surgeon before and after results and his reputation as a plastic surgeon doing aesthetic work is a good preliminary precaution. During your initial visit, I believe that a computer rendering of your possible results are quite important. Computer imaging is indeed an excellent way to visualize the artistic sense of your surgeon, and it will provide a surgical plan that you and your surgeon can agree to and also addresses your specific complaints and condition. No aesthetic result can be 100% guaranteed, but a good understanding of the plan is certainly a safe way to maximize your satisfaction. Minor corrections can occasionally be needed. You should inquire about your surgeon's policy regarding secondary corrections as a delay of 1 year or more is usual for nose revisions!
Most of the time, yes. It is very important that you explain to your Plastic Surgeon exactly what your goals for the surgery are. If both of you have the same goals, the chances of success are increased. Communication is the key.
Yes, you can have revision surgery and it is quite common
Thanks so much for your question. I completely understand your hesitation. In general, rhinoplasty is a procedure that should be performed as few times as possible, as revisions get more and more complicated each time. As facial plastic surgeons, our goal is always to achieve the absolute best result both functionally and cosmetically the first time. I encourage you to discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and make sure you both agree on the aesthetic goals and plan before the surgery. After surgery, be patient, as swelling can take months to settle, so you may not see the final result until 6-12 months after the procedure! If in the rare event you are unhappy with your results, your surgeon can address these issues, and perform a revision if necessary.

Dr. Monica Kieu
Thank you for your question. There are always options if a nose surgery does not go well, but a revision rhinoplasty is more challenging than the first time. It’s always better to get it right the first time! Make sure your surgeon is well qualified, such as a board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Ask to see Before and Afters. You should not feel pressured in any way.


Dr. Nathan
If your nose surgery goes wrong, can it be corrected? Yes, BUT IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! Think about what happens when you decide to alter your favorite dress or suit. The seams are open, some material is removed. It is better in one area but too tight in another. But it just doesn’t lay right. Now trying to fix it with more “alterations” can make it worse. Once the nose is altered there are irreversible changes to the “material”. So yes you can make it improved if a nose surgery “goes wrong”. A much more complex procedure will be needed. My advice: If you want to change your nose, chose the best surgeon, be clear what you want to change and try and do it once. Good luck. Dr. Ditesheim