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Can brushing your teeth help a toothache?

I am a 23 year old male and I have a toothache. Can brushing your teeth help a toothache?

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Once you have a toothache, you need to have it checked by your dentist, toothache means you have an underlying issue, brushing won’t remove cavity once you have it, it will help with your gum health and prevent further cavities on your other teeth, but I recommend you see your dentist as soon as possible to gave the tooth in pain checked.
The best treatment of a toothache is a visit to the dentist. If your toothache is caused by decay and there is food in the hole then brushing may help. However, the cause of toothache could be a high bite or a crack or exposed root or gum disease and brushing won't help any of those problems
Sorry, usually not! The pain is most times from something going on inside the tooth!
You need to see a dentist. Brushing alone will not help you.
Usually brushing the teeth does not help with a toothache, but may help temporarily sometimes. You should have an evaluation with a dentist.

Brushing your teeth can definitely keep toothaches away, or help with overall sensitivity if you are brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, but it will more than likely not solve the issue of why your one tooth is hurting.

It the pain remains. I would recommend seeing a dentist in order to get to the root cause of why that tooth is hurting. Teeth usually hurt because there is some sort of inflammation occurring, either internally in the pulp and nerves or around it at the periodontal ligament.
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Toothaches require a dental diagnosis. A toothache can hurt for many different reasons such as tooth fracture or decay. You need to go to your dentist to get to the root of the problem.

As a general rule of thumb, brushing your teeth does not help a toothache to go away. However, it does help if your pain is caused by something lodged between your gums and your tooth or if you have something irritating your tooth that you can remove. Also, you may get the effect of the ingredients in the tooth paste to provide temporary relief.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD