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Can chiropractic help with nerve pain?

I feel like my son has some type of nerve pain, and he's been complaining about it quite frequently. He's 14 years old. Can chiropractic help with nerve pain?

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Yes. Chiropractors are nerve doctors. Their main job is helping to relieve nerve related issues.
Yes and children usually respond really well with chiropractic. Chiropractic is about the nervous system and yes please take your child to a chiropractor asap!
Drugs only mask the symptoms!!!
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Doctors of Chiropractic work all day long with nerve pain. However, there are more nerves than just pain. Therefore, pain is not only what needs to be evaluated. I dislike the term "pinch nerve" because if the nerve is truly pinch it need to be surgically evaluated and handled with a multiple specialist program. The most often found problem is an irritated nerve and Chiropractic is very successful with these conditions.
You hit it right on! Chiropractic is all about proper nerve function. That being said, the most common cause of nerve pain is mechanical compression, as in a bone out of place, putting pressure on a nerve, causing the nerve to distinction. There are other causes of nerve pain like bad allergies, poor diet, or more serious issues like depression or autoimmunity, but that should all be reviewed by the attending D.C. during the exam. Just be sure to let them know why you're seeking their help.

It may. Chiropractic treatments mobilize the spine improving nerve transmission by improving biomechanics and function of the spine while reducing nerve pressure.


Dr. Duchon
Absolutely, chiropractic care helps pinched nerves by reducing constriction of the nerve and relaxing tight muscles in the affected area that is causing pain and inflammation. We can totally help your son get some relief.

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Dr. Rob Slusarski 
Most often the answer is yes. When the body is out of alignment, due to injury, stress, or faulty biomechanics, pressure on nerves is the result. Verifying the body is in alignment is a very safe and effective way to eliminate nerve pain.
Yes, Chiropractic can help with nerve pain. The biggest concern and hardest thing is figuring out where the nerve is impinged. It can be from the spine, joints, disc, muscle etc. At my office, I typically don’t take x-rays of patients under 18 years old. However, to truly figure out what the underlying cause is, imaging would be a good place to start.
Indeed. By definition the profession of Chiropractic addresses relieving the effects of nerve compression (depending on the degree) and irritation to the nervous system. You must find a doctor that you trust to address your questions to your satisfaction and then make an informed decision for treatment. Your doctor should take a comprehensive history of your son's past and a focused exam of his complaints. If the recommendations of your chiropractor make sense to you, proceed with a trial of treatment. If your son's complaints started after a sports injury, find a professional that has experience in sports specific related issues. If his complaints are related to a neck injury, seek the advice of a specific and well-trained doctor who specializes in the upper cervical (first two vertebra of the spine). If you aren't certain after you speak to one doctor of Chiropractic, continue to seek consult and do not give up until you feel confident about your decision to proceed.

I hope this helps you.
Finding out the cause/source of your son's nerve pain is the first step in determining what treatment protocol will help him. A chiropractor should be able to do this and guide you in obtaining help for him.

Dr. Juanee Surprise, DC. NMD, IMD, DCBCN, CTTN
That depends on the specific complaint and an evaluation to determine if there is a more serious issue or if it is a muscular issue. Chiropractic can give relief by realigning the bone structure and allowing the nerves to fire properly to the muscles.
Yes, Chiropractic is an effective treatment for nerve pain. Aligning the spine allows the nerves to function properly.