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Can chiropractic treatment ease sciatica pain?

I am a 42-year-old male with sciatica pain and heard that chiropractic treatment can help. Can chiropractic treatment ease sciatica pain?

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Getting evaluated by your chiropractor would always be one of my first choices when dealing with sciatic pain.
Yes, chiropractic treatment can ease your sciatic pain.
Yes and with certain piriformis stretches and ice you can get great results!!!
Being evaluated first to determine the cause of your pain is important. If it is treatable, then a plan would be put together for care. We do see a lot of these types of cases in our office.
Chiropractic many times is the preferred treatment for sciatica. True sciatica is from the lower lumbar area and usually involves a pinching of the nerves or discs. Both respond to chiropractic care.
Treatment of sciatic related pain with Chiropractic has been very successful for helping relieve and/or resolving completely. Once your symptoms are relieved however, it is important that you continue to seek and rectify root bio-mechanical causes and how to prevent irritation in your future.
Sciatica requires diagnostic evaluations to determine if conservative treatment is appropriate. When appropriate, symptoms of sciatica pain is treatable with a high rate of success by Chiropractic.
Yes, Chiropractic has the possibility of easing sciatica symptoms.
In most cases, absolutely!  Sciatic pain can be caused by several conditions and they are (most) all treatable with chiropractic care.  See your chiropractor to determine the cause of your sciatic pain and they will determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for you!  Best of health, Dr Armour, DC
Yes it definitely can. You can start by seeing a Chiropractor and obtaining either an X-ray or MRI. First route would be an X-ray, that would show the joints of the lower back and pelvis as well as the foramina (the holes where the nerves travel through) and the disc space. You won’t see the disc itself on an X-ray. If the X-ray is inconclusive, an MRI would be the next step to see the lower back discs in more detail.

The sciatica nerve can be impinged from a disc bulge in the lower back, joint misalignment in the lower back or degeneration which would create bone spurs. All of those conditions can be helped and/or corrected with chiropractic treatment. The sciatica nerve also has to travel through muscle around your glutes in order to get down your leg. Primarily, your piriformis muscle which sits at the top of your butt. So, if the spine itself looks fine on imaging, you could be suffering from ‘piriformis syndrome’ which is basically over active muscle impinging the nerve. That could still be chiropractic treatment or potentially physical therapy and/or massage therapy.

Hope this helps!
Yes, chiropractors help with sciatica on a daily basis with great results.
Yes there is evidence to show that chiropractic treatment can ease or even alleviate sciatic pain. We have other treatments in our office as well that can help treat sciatic pain.
Yes, chiropractic can help alleviate sciatic pain issues by releasing the tight muscles and realigning the structure. There may be additional issues that contributes to the pain, therefore an exam is required. Schedule an appointment and get the relief you need.
Yes for 125 years Chiropractors have successfully treated Sciatica
Yes, in most cases of sciatica, chiropractors are the perfect specialists to see if you have sciatica. It's one of the most common things we treat and in the vast majority of cases we can help resolve it.
Yes, chiropractic can release sciatic nerve pain. People do respond differently.
A chronic pain case of a few years might be better in a few weeks and an acute pain case of a few weeks may take several months to resolve. Regardless, chiropractic is a smart choice for treating sciatica.
Yes, Sciatica can be caused from a few different mechanisms. A Chiropractic examination can identify which mechanism is causing your Sciatica and Chiropractic treatment can ease the pain.