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Can chiropractors help with ankle dislocation?

I am a 38 year old female. I want to know if chiropractors can help with ankle dislocation?

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If you are suffering from a true dislocation, it is outside the scope of practice in most states. If it is joint disfunction, then chiropractic treatment is the best choice, in my opinion. You should also consider nutritional support for the ligaments. If you have a dislocated ankle, you should visit a medical facility like an urgent care or your primary doctor. They will most likely splint your ankle and provide you with pain medication or anti-inflammatory medication.
Yes, dislocations and subluxations are things we are trying to reduce. If there is a fracture, it may require more than just a simple reduction, but in most cases it is an easy joint to reduce.
Yes. Chiropractors do work on extremities such as ankles besides just the spine.
If it’s a total dislocation it may need to be casted for a little while if it’s simply sprained and subluxated then yes it can be adjusted and then it will allow it to heal quicker
Once the dislocation is put back in place and a possible cast is removed, chiropractic can help with the rehab and therapy. If you are at the rehab phase already, then yes, we can help.
It depends what you mean by dislocation. If you mean a full medical dislocation, that would best be handled by an ankle specialist or ER doc. If you mean ankle pain caused by something just not "being right" - what we call a subluxation - then absolutely!
Hello 38-year-old female,

Chiropractors can work with all sorts of ankle issues. If the ankle is completely dislocated, then I would suggest you seek emergency care to make sure it is set accordingly. However, a subluxation which is defined as "less than a dislocation" is easily corrected by most chiropractors.


Dr. Jim M. Weber
Oach! Sorry to hear about your troubles. If your ankle is fully dislocated probably best to see an emergency room doctor or orthopedist. After you get it back into place from fully dislocated, chiropractic care will definitely be recommended to help restore join integrity and muscular balance.  
I would recommend going to urgent care for an ankle dislocation.
Any concern about dislocation or fracture should be ruled out with evaluation medically and with possible Xrays or other diagnostic tests. These cases should be seen first at a ER or Urgent care. Fracture or dislocations should be treated medical. After resolution of the condition or ruling out of fracture or dislocation then it can be determined if conservative care can be instituted.