Dermatologist Questions Rashes

Can frequent hot tub use cause rashes?

Ever since I bought a new hot tub, I've been using it almost every day. But I've been getting a rash on my legs. Could it be from the hot tub?

3 Answers

Absolutely a hot tub can cause rashes. You can get very dry, or eczematous, skin from using them too often. You can also get chemical burns, allergic reactions, irritant reactions, bacterial infections, etc., from a hot tub.
Hot tubs need to be properly chlorinated. If not, an infection called hot tub folliculitis may occur. 
It sounds like it with the timing. Ensure your bromine levels and pH are within range because poorly sanitized hot tubs can cause hot tub folliculitis which are hair follicle bumps that usually have pus in them. If it is more of a scaly red rash it could be irritation especially if you have underlying eczema. You may want to rinse off with water and moisturize after getting out just like you should after being in a pool.