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Can I become dependent on Celexa?

I was put on Celexa two months ago, and my psychiatrist told me that I wouldn't be addicted to it and that I had nothing to worry about. But I'm finding myself taking it more and more, and I'm not sure if it's because I've been depressed a lot lately or if it's because I developed a dependence on it. Is it possible that I have become dependent on it?

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Very unusual. You might be the first!
No, you cannot be dependent on it physiologically. However if the dosage has needed to be increased it can be because your symptoms have been higher than the dosage that you are taking and in needs ti be increased or you have a high tolerance to the medication which means that you would require higher dosages to receive benefits from it due to your metabolism of the medication.
Dear Asker,
I am not your doctor and the following is not medical advice. Celexa, or citalopram, is an antidepressant medication not associated with an addictive potential. In general, ones body does make adjustments for having antidepressants in it, which can result in symptoms of discontinuation if the medication is stopped abruptly - but this is not addiction. Often antidepressants are dosed once daily and the schedule is provided by your prescriber. One should not take a medication in a way other than prescribed. If you find you are having trouble with how the medication is working, timing, or side-effects, these are certainly things to discuss with your provider. Best of luck.
No, celexa is not a drug one gets dependent on. If you are more depressed go to a professional, stop taking increasing doses. Sometimes meds stop working, for no known reason. We have no clue why either. Get the care you need. Go to a psychiatrist. We are the most knowledgeable about these medications. Family practitioners try and so do internal medicine docs, but a psychiatrist is formally trained in all types of psych drugs...You deserve the best care, so go find it. I am guessing you are more depressed, but this med may no longer be helping you and you may need to switch to another.Best wishes, Laura J. Seed, M.D.
What you are doing can be very dangerous. Celexa is not habit forming and the maximum dosage, reached slowly, is 40 mg per day. If you take more of it, it won't work faster. Celexa will take at least 4 weeks to show any effects. Take the medications as it was prescribed. More is not better. You are exposing yourself to dangerous side effects from this medication. Stop doing what you are doing.

Victor M. Santiago-Noa, MD, PhD
You should speak to your doctor now. It does not sound like you are taking the medication the way it would be prescribed or used appropriately. Generally Celexa is a once daily medication. There are risks associated with taking it other ways.
Usually not. Celexa may have discontinuation symptoms, but not dependency.