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What can I do for my porn addiction?

Like any other teenager, I watched porn quite a bit--but now I'm older I feel like I'm watching it way too often. In fact, it's really the only thing that arouses me and gets...

Can I become dependent on Celexa?

I was put on Celexa two months ago, and my psychiatrist told me that I wouldn't be addicted to it and that I had nothing to worry about. But I'm finding myself taking it more...

Drinking himself into unconsciousness

My husband is an alcoholic. After years of treatment, counseling and AA meetings he has stopped drinking. Or so I thought. I find empty, hidden liquor bottles plus most nights...

Can a psychiatrist treat people who are suffering from alcohol addiction?

My husband is an alcoholic. All of our earlier attempts to rid him of this addiction have not turned out well. Will visiting a psychiatrist pave some way for improvement?

How can I convince my son to stop taking drugs?

My 18 year old son is into drugs and I am finding it hard to convince him to quit the drugs and get on a straighter path. What should I do, before it's too late?

Should I consider suboxone for my son?

My son is addicted to opioid medication and is going to a day program for rehabilitation. I want to suggest suboxone because I've heard of its benefits. Is this really something...

Are there natural medications that can help me overcome addiction?

My husband is an alcoholic, and he hasn't gone to AA in over a month without telling me. I'm trying to help him. Are there any natural medications that can help him get over...

What is the treatment for painkiller addiction?

I think my mother is addicted to painkillers. Psychologically, she believes she has body pain and now mindlessly pops a painkiller whenever she feels the pain. Is there a treatment...

How can I get my son to quit smoking?

My son is 14 years old and I recently found out that he has started smoking. What can I do to get him to quit the habit?

Is there any medication to help my husband quit alcohol?

My husband drinks a lot of alcohol, and it causes him to have sudden outbursts with both me, and sometimes the kids. Is there any medication that can help him quit? What other...

Why is my son so angry after rehab?

My son went to rehab for his drug addiction, and now that he's out, he has been very angry and abusive towards our family. Why is this happening? Could this mean that he's using...

Can gingivitis be prevented?

Can gingivitis be prevented? What are some of the best ways to prevent it?

What are the best ways to deal with alcohol addiction?

My brother has been an alcoholic for over 10 years now. Since the birth of his daughter, he has been trying to kick this addiction to the curb. It hasn't been easy for him....

Is there any medication for drug rehabilitation?

My sister is addicted to heroin and is now in a rehabilitation center that is helping her. She is currently receiving counseling and received medication in the beginning to help...

Lately, my ears seem to have more wax than usual. Could this be a sign of an infection?

Since swimming in my pool 3 days ago, the amount of wax in my ears has increased. Could this be a sign that they are infected?

Is there a cure for sugar cravings?

My daughter craves sugary treats, typically at night time. Is there a cure for this? What can we do to help her?

What medicines are administered to treat drug addiction?

What class of medicines are administered for treating drug addiction in people?

Will my anti depressants hamper my rehabilitation?

I am trying to quit smoking however I am also taking anti-depressants. Will taking these anti-depressants worsen my smoking problem?

Do I have to take my addiction meds throughout my life?

I was told that I would need to take medication for my alcoholism. But, if I start taking addiction meds now, will I have to take it lifelong?

What are the possible side effects of addiction medicines?

Can addiction medicines also have side effects? What are they and how can they be managed?

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