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What side effects should I expect from medications for my addictions?

I went to an addictive specialist for my addiction to smoking about a week ago. When we were discussing treatment options, she suggested for me to take medication. Could this...

How do patches work for treating drug addiction?

My cousin is addicted to opioids. In the hospital, they actually gave her a patch to help her. What are the patches used on patients suffering from drug addiction? How do they...

How is sex addiction treated in men?

Is sex addiction a real problem in some men? How can this be treated?

I am addicted to eating sugar. What can I do to treat this problem?

I believe I have a sugar addiction. I pretty much eat sugar whenever I can, especially when I'm bored. Is there anything I can do to treat this?

Can pain relieving drugs become addictive?

I recently read a report that said pain relieving drugs could become an addiction for people in no time. Is this true?

When is someone considered "addicted"?

I feel like addiction is used too often and loosely. Medically, when is someone really considered addicted to something?

Is coffee an addiction?

My sister is addicted to coffee and ends up having almost 3 to 7 cups a day. It just doesn’t seem normal. Is it actually an addiction?

I crave sugar, is it a problem?

I have a strong craving for sugar through out the day. I also feel like I can eat just plain and raw sugar often. Is it a psychological problem?

My son has been doing coccaine. I am confused how should I deal with this?

My son is 19 years old, and I just found out that he's been doing cocaine. When I caught him, he said that he only did it when he was around friends and that he would stop and...

Suffering with hives runs in my family.

My 11 month old son is completely covered in a red, blotchy, spot like rash and he is constantly scratching and itching to the point of making himself bleed. He has an underlying...

Can a family physician give me medication for my alcohol addiction?

I am addicted to drinking alcohol and I want to now get rid of the habit. Can a family physician prescribe me the necessary medication?

Are there medicines give to treat drug addiction?

My son has a drug addiction and we are trying to get him into a rehab. Are there medicines that will be given to get him off the habit?

What are the ways to recognize hepatitis?

Is hepatitis an epidemic or is it caused from alcohol consumption? My brother has a drinking problem, and I'm pretty worried about the effect that this will have long-term. What...

Can stopping alcohol consumption prevent liver cirrohosis?

I am 35 years old and since the last 6 years I have been regularly consuming alcohol. However, recently, people have warned me about the damage alcohol consumption could cause...

What should be the ideal time gap between two painkillers?

My friend was prescribed pain killers after her fall a week ago since she still had some pain in her hip. I feel though that she is taking too much of her pills at once, and I...

Long term narcotic use

I am on prescribed long term narcotic medications. I experience frequent constipation. Is there a natural remedy for this?

Depression and Alcohol..Chicken or the egg?

I have been dealing with an alcohol addiction for many years now. I am a 54 year old married man with a great life. . good job, healthy kids and a wonderful wife. Since I was...

Went from pill addiction to suboxone addiction- what can I do?

I was addicted to pain pills for years after a back surgery. When I finally got the strength to seek help I was put on suboxone. I thought that this was a life-saver- but I...

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