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Can I work out after a chiropractic adjustment?

I'm going to have a chiropractic adjustment next week for some lower back pain. Is it okay to work out after I get my adjustment?

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I always recommend at a least a day of rest before jumping back into a heavy workout. I don’t mind some low impact cardio later that day.
Ask your chiropractor, depends on the severity of your pain. I usually have a patient wait a few days and ice and rest then gradually go back to working out. Need to help to the body heal.
My usual answer is no; I prefer my patients to work out before their adjustment – if it is on the same day.
I would advise your Chiropractor that you would like to continue exercising/working out after your adjustment. Depending on the cause of your pain they will be able to guide you with any limitations or aggravating movements that may take away from the healing process.
It really depends on what your doctor thinks after assessing your condition, but generally, healthy individuals getting adjustments can work out after their treatment.
Usually yes. It’s impossible to say because it depends on what is actually wrong with your back and the type of exercise you are planning to do.
You should check with your chiropractor to make sure, but generally the answer is yes. Letting your joints and muscles find their ‘new normal’ after adjustment can be a good thing, especially if working out is what caused your pain in the first place. (If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting the same results...” Also check with your provider to make sure your workout is being done with the correct form. If you are ‘lifting’ and not utilizing your core correctly, your spine can have immense loads placed on it and cause you pain, then or even a few days later.
The answer to this question really depends on the particular condition. Lower back pain is a very general description. It is best to discuss the severity of your problem with your Doctor of Chiropractic. Most of my patients see me for Wellness Care and are beyond the Crisis Care period. For a wellness care patient, post adjustment is one of the best times to work-out because your body is moving at its best. For someone in acute pain, it may be a different story. Take back your health and you can live the wellness lifestyle!
It depends on every individual patient, but typically working out is great idea after an adjustment. I would suggest consulting with your Doctor for specific advice to your case.
Depending on the low back pain and condition that caused it, I see no reason why you could not. I typically ask the patient to be active after care unless they are injured in which case they do more rehab type work. The chiropractor should be able to let you know that after treatment.
In general, it’s okay to work out after your adjustment. There are a lot of different types of workouts and, depending how bad your pain is, I would ask your chiropractor on your next visit to get a more specific answer.
Because the muscles and ligaments stay reactive for several hours after the adjustment, I would not recommended strenuous exercise immediately. Walking would be fine. Example: If you get an adjustment in the AM, it would be fine to work out in the late afternoon.


Of course, as you are not my patient and I do not know your history and condition, I can not speak about what you should do. In general, many times I encourage a patient to take a walk on level ground which works the low back muscles. Pay attention to how you feel of course, during and after walking. That's kind of like putting your toes in the swimming pool before swimming a full lap in the pool, i.e. test the water and see how you do with some activity.

You mentioned a work out which to me means you are probably involved in a fitness goal. Low back's can be easily strained again with heavy weight lifting so be aware.

Tune in and listen to your body as you push forward to feel better!

Keep a smile,
Dr. Roger
Of course you can work out after your adjustment unless you have severe pain. Typically, it's preferred to have your spine corrected and aligned and then exercise. This will help to stabilize and strengthen the improvements that were done during your treatment.
It really depends on your condition, but for most of my patients I recommend going out for a 10 minute walk after their adjustments to help the body coordinate function between the nervous system and structure of the body. I usually recommend not working out until 2 hours after being adjusted to allow the body to adapt to the adjustments.
You should be fine working gout after your adjustment unless your workouts are causing the lower back pain. It would be wise to listen to your chiropractor and see what he/she finds from your examination. Based on your exam, he/she could recommend or not if you should workout after.
Yes. Working out after is fine.
I would discuss this with your Chiropractor since this would depend on your case.
This is a question I wish more patients would ask. The answer depends entirely on the extent of the damage and misalignment in your spine. There may be certain movements you will need to avoid entirely until the tissues around the spine begin to heal.
Always listen to your body, and if you start hurting during a specific movement, stop. Inform your doctor and discuss options and alternatives for specific exercises. All of my patients receive home exercise prescriptions to accelerate the healing process.
Your situation depends on what’s found during your exam, but rest is helpful after an adjustment. Resting allows for additional time for the body to accept the adjustment.