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Can sciatica pain extend to my leg?

My mom had sciatica pain once she got older, so I recognize me having this pain in my hip. But I also feel some pain in my leg on the same side. Can this leg pain be from sciatica?

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It’s possible for sure. It could be a muscle issue as well. Difficult to know exactly without a proper history and evaluation, but you have the right idea. I would consult with your chiropractor.
Yes, it does often. I would recommend to go through the proper examination first, as disc pain and nerve root problems can refer to the leg on the same side.
We would want to do an exam before truly diagnosing sciatica it could be that you are just subluxated (your bones are out of alignment causing nerves, muscles, ligaments, etc. to be experiencing discomfort) depending on what the exam showed it could be that you do have sciatica it could be something else.
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Sorry to hear you are suffering with this. Sciatica is a diagnosis when pain shoots down the leg, yes. The nerves that cause you to feel pain, numbness, etc in the legs all come out of the low back. Depending on where you feel the pain in your leg, it changes which nerve is the one that is pinched. It could be the sciatic nerve, or it could be another. Either way, I would go see a chiropractor as we are the best equipped to treat the cause of sciatica.
Yes. The sciatic nerve originates from the lower lumbar nerve roots. This nerve extends all the way down the leg to the toes. Thusly, sciatic nerve pain can be felt anywhere along this pathway (ie...hip, leg, calf, foot, toes)

Yes, it can. The sciatic nerve is one of the biggest nerves in your body and it goes all the way from your back, buttock, and down the back of the leg to your foot. Chiropractic is great for helping people with sciatica, so you should make an appointment as soon as possible.

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Dr Steven Moon
Yes, it can, but many different things can cause sciatica -- one of the most common from a herniated disc. I would get someone to look at it if I were you.

Dr. Simone
Yes definitely could be sciatic involvement. Or could be hip or a combination of both. It is definitely a chiropractic issue
Sciatica is a condition that arises from pressure on the sciatic nerve which starts at the lumbar spine and extends down the leg to the foot.
When the sciatic nerve is inflamed it causes pain down the side and back of the leg.
If you have pain in just the hip it is doubtful the sciatic nerve is primarily involved though your condition could possibly deteriorate if you don’t seek treatment and sciatica could result.
I would recommend you talk to your chiropractor.
The Sciatic nerve and it’s branches supply the nerves to your leg.  Sciatic pain can be felt in the low back at the nerve root, through the hip and into the leg as well.  There are multiple causes for nerve entrapment, visit your provider soon to have the cause identified.

Yes, it can. I have personally treated sciatica patients with spinal decompression with decent success. I would recommend a chiropractic evaluation with a lumbar spine MRI to determine your exact problem. 


Dr. Joel D. Duchon
Yes, it can. Technically, sciatic pain runs from the buttocks or low back down the back of the leg or legs. You may feel it just in the thigh to the knee or below the knee in the calf and feet.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP
Yes, true sciatica usually causes pain below the knee
Yes, the pain can extend all the way to your legs and sometimes past the knee. The pain can be numbness and tingling. Have you gotten that checked? I would always recommend chiropractic care to see exactly how your spine is taking all of this stress.
Absolutely. The sciatic nerve runs down the entire leg and splits into a couple different nerves. Sciatica pain can range from the glute all the way to the feet.

It depends on if the problem stems from compression or traction of the sciatic nerve. I often find with patients that what appears to be sciatic pain is actually trigger points found within the gluteal musculature. It would take a thorough examination to come to a correct diagnosis. Have someone apply deep pressure in the location of the CT and if a trigger point is present, it will either recreate the sensation that you are feeling or it will intensify the sensation. There is also the possibility of a tight piriformis muscle compressing the sciatic nerve in the buttocks. Google piriformis stretches to see if those help to alleviate your issues. I would highly recommend seeking a medical professional that is proficient in assessing these areas, i.e., sports medicine chiropractor, neuromuscular therapist (NMT), PT, etc., if you find that the problem persists.
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Yes, sciatica can go all the way down to the leg. Better see a chiropractor fast.
Yes it can, the Sciatic Nerve starts from the lumber spine and travels down both legs to the feet and toes. I would recommend contacting your local Chiro for an exam to identify your specific cause of pain.
The definition of sciatic pain is pain that goes from your hip to the bottom of your foot. The most common cause of this pain is having tension in your buttock. The muscle that is most often the reason for sciatic pain is the piriformis so stretch that muscle and that hip and work to the back and you and your mom should be feeling better.