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Can surrounding teeth hurt after an extraction?

I am a 51 year old male. I wonder if surrounding teeth can hurt after an extraction?

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Yes, temporarily.
Yes, you may feel tenderness on teeth surrounding an extraction. If it lingers, please return to your dentist. Sometimes more than 1 tooth is having a problem but might have gone unnoticed because the one tooth that was extracted was an obvious problem.
It is not uncommon to have surrounding teeth 'hurt" after an extraction. Part of the healing process involves inflammation which can involve the neighboring teeth. This should remove as the area heals. Warm salt water rinses could aid in the healing and an anti-inflammatory OTC medication (ibuprofen) could be helpful for both the inflammation and the pain.
Yes. The surrounding area is also traumatized. Should subside in a few days.
Yes, due to the pressure of trying to elevate the tooth out of the socket. Please keep doing warm salt water rinses and take ibuprofen or Tylenol.
Sometimes a little bit if some pressure was put on the adjacent teeth.
That is not unusual to get sensitivity with other teeth in the area

Sensitivity is common after an extraction. Please allow up to two weeks for the symptoms to diminish. If you have any more concerns and if the pain persists, please consult with your dental provider.

Thank you for your question.

Yes, it is possible for surrounding teeth to hurt after an extraction. To understand the reason for this it is helpful to understand how extractions work.
Teeth have long, sometimes curvy, and somtimes multiple roots on different angles. There are a few different techniques for removing teeth; however, the concept is still the same. The root of the tooth sits in a socket and is attached by ligament fibers (this is so they don't fall out on their own). In order to take the tooth out, these ligament fibers need to be separated and the socket the root sits in needs to expand ever so slightly. This process can cause irritation in the jaw or nerve that goes to the other teeth leaving them sore afterward. The discomfort should subside soon afterward though. If not it would be best to go back to the doctor who extracted the teeth for an evaluation. Hope this helps.

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