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Can very stained teeth be whitened?

I am a 29 year old female and my teeth are very stained. I still want them whitened. Can very stained teeth be whitened?

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First they need to be cleaned
Stained teeth can occur by a variety of causes. Extrinsic stains such as tobacco, coffee, tea, berries, etc., are easily removed. Intrinsic stains such as ones caused by medication like tetracycline are more difficult to remove but can be lightened. The most effective method is to use carbamide peroxide in custom fitted trays made by a dentist. On average, a dozen applications are necessary. Power bleaching methods are costly and not very effective. 


Sorry to hear about your stained teeth. First thing to know is if the stains are surface stains or if they are intrinsic (or within the tooth). Surface stains can be removed (you would be surprised how much this can help in some cases). Then you can whiten your teeth. If the stain is intrinsic to the tooth then you there are different options depending on what the staining is. A lot of the results will at least lighten your teeth.

William F. Scott IV, DMD
Good afternoon. Whitening teeth can be tricky. It depends largely on why the teeth are stained and what caused the stain. Not all whitening products are the same and it is possible there is a professional whitening product that could help you. I would suggest having the discussion with your dentist. When discussing whitening with your dentist, inquire about how many different products they are familiar with and how many they use. Not all products provide the same result for every patient. If it has been a while since you have had a professional cleaning it is possible the staining could be removed during a cleaning.
Consult a dentist before trying higher percentage whitening products and see the level of staining.