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Can X-rays show old fractures?

I fractured my foot years ago, and I'm going to get another x-ray soon, 5 years later, for the same foot. Will it show a fracture from 5 years ago?

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Thank you for your question. In general, X-rays will show old fractures. There are a few exceptions, for example, if the fractures occurred in skeletally immature (kids) patients. Sometimes those healed fractures are more difficult to see since the bone is actively growing. A comparison to your old X-rays would prove helpful to determine interval change.
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Often old fractures are visible, particularly if there is residual deformity from a fracture that was imperfectly aligned during healing.
Yes it can

Dr Cox
Most of the time, I can tell if an old fracture has happened because remodeling is not always perfect. so there will be just a bit of hypertrophy. But sometimes the fracture is so clean that it leaves no sign of ever happening.