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Can you get Mohs surgery on your back?

I am a 45 year old male. I was wondering can you get Mohs surgery on your back?

3 Answers

Yes, Mohs surgery can be done for skin cancers on the back.

It is the treatment of choice for lesions 2 cm or larger.

There are certain criteria that determine when Mohs surgery is appropriate. Mohs surgery may be appropriate for a skin cancer on the back in certain situations (depending on size of tumor, pathology type, recurrent tumor, etc.). However, in many cases non-Mohs treatment is appropriate. I hope this answers your question. Please have a discussion with your board certified dermatologist about your specific scenario.


Darshan Vaidya, MD, FAAD
Yes, you can get Mohs surgery on your back. It depends on the type and size of lesion being removed.