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Can you put braces on just a few teeth?

I am a 17 year old male. I only have a few teeth that need to be straightened. I wonder if you can put braces on just a few teeth?

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Yes, it is common for minor issues.

Generally speaking we want to straighten all the teeth that could benefit from being straighter if we are going through the process of putting braces on. However, if the person only wishes to have their front teeth straightened and the conditions allow for that; Yes only the front teeth will get braces.
Conditions have to allow for few reasons. First of all sometimes in order to move the front teeth around, the back teeth need to be moved in order to make space. Secondly, depending on the particular movements of the front teeth, the back teeth might need be used as anchors during the process. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
That depends on the anchorage needed to move the few teeth and the direction teeth need to be moved. Sometimes we only put 4 - 6 brackets on front teeth for simple movement or 2 attachments to correct a cross bite of molars, but difficult movements require stabilization from other teeth to prevent unwanted side effects. Your orthodontist can best answer your specific problem and knows what is needed.
While you can put braces on just a few teeth, it is traditionally not recommended. Although teeth are individual, they work as a group so often times movement of one will affect the others. For predictable results all teeth should be considered for braces.
I recommend you see an orthodontist that will give you a better answer. It all depends on your bite and what kind of crowding that you have. Every case is different. When you move a few teeth, you change your bite and that is something that must be taken into account

The short answer to your question is most likely no. The reason orthodontists usually put braces on all (most) teeth in the arch is because back teeth serve as anchors for straightening front teeth (where patients usually want their teeth straightened). Saying that, every case is different and its hard to speculate without seeing your teeth/mouth/X-rays.
It takes a village to raise a child.... In other words, you need to anchor and a foundation to move several teeth! If it's only a few teeth, you may want to consider a clear aligner system
such as Invisalign or clear correct.
You have to put braces on all the teeth to straighten just a few teeth otherwise it doesn’t work properly.


Dr. Price
Usually, if they do braces they are going to want to move all the teeth. The reason is that they want to make your teeth straight, but also have to get the bite perfect. Another way to go might be to consider Invisalign. If you only need a few teeth straightened that might be a great option for you.

Marc D. Thomas, DDS

Talk with your dentist, he will tell you what he thinks. Every dentist has his own methods for straightening teeth. You can always consult with another dentist or dentists.