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Can you take insulin without needles?

I want to know is there a way of taking insulin without needles?

Male | 63 years old

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Insulin is available in inhaled form (Afrezza) in the United States. Oral insulin spray is available, but has not been approved in the United States. Oral insulin in capsule form and intranasal insulin are being investigated for marketing. Dosing these products is not as flexible or as reliable as insulin injections and may influence our choices in many situations. The convenience and minimal discomfort of pen injection devices currently in use for insulin delivery has made them the preferred mode of treatment for patients requiring insulin who are not using insulin pumps.
Not at the present time.
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Yes, there are other options to taking insulin therapy such as insulin pumps or V-Go or inhaled SHORT acting insulin option called Afrezza.
Dear Patient,

There was a rapid acting inhaled insulin named Afrezza which was on the market for several years, but was recently taken off by Sanofi because it didn't sell. It is a short acting insulin to be used at meals. It is not a basal insulin, which works over 24 hours and is only injectable. I didn't like using it because of the potential for lung damage in certain populations and its side effects included coughs and sore throat. A pulmonary function study was necessary prior to use. The injectable insulin pens are easy to use and have had great patient acceptance.


Marvin A. Leder, MD FACP FACE
There is inhaled insulin, called “Afrezza” but most insurances don’t cover it.
Yes, there is inhaled insulin Afrezza. It works well however there is no insulin for overnight 99.9% of persons can deal with the tiny nanoneedle. It is so tiny it can hardly be seen. It is normal to not want shots. Who does but after the first one it becomes no big deal. It is psychologically traumatic just for a moment generally.