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Can you test yourself for diabetes?

I am a 45 year old female. I wonder if you can test yourself for diabetes?

6 Answers

Yes you can
Sure, ask your doctor to check your A1c or fasting sugar.

Ali A. Achira, MD
No. It's a blood test.
It is best you allow a health provider to test you. We do a glucose tolerance test, which is more accurate than urine strips. Also we day a hemoglobin A1C which is more informative on how severe your diabetes may be.
If you have a glucometer to check your blood sugar, you sure can!

Yes you can. Go to the pharmacy & buy, without a prescription, a urine test kit for sugar (glucose) & ketones. The kit will contain strips the you just "pee" on & they change color if glucose is present in the urine. There should be no sugar in the urine. If the test is positive or indeterminant, see a physician for blood testing. You can also buy a blood glucose meter & do a finger stick blood glucose test but this is more expensive & you would need some training on how to do the procedure. Good luck.