Optometrist Questions Hazy vision

What could be the cause of my hazy vision?

Lately I have been having hazy vision particularly in the mornings. What could be the reason? I am 26 and otherwise healthy as far as I'm aware. I do have an astigmatism in my right eye.

4 Answers

There are a number of things that could cause hazy vision. Based on the fact that it is more prominent in the morning, it is likely related to your eyes being dry. Allergies can cause this also, but would likely persist throughout the day. Cataracts can also cause visual symptoms that you are describing also, but your symptoms would persist throughout the day as well. Also, this would be a highly unlikely diagnosis based upon your age alone.

Dr. David Johnson
Check your sugar level and get checked for glaucoma.
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Refractive error or some problem in the lens. Get your blood sugar and blood pressure checked also. Get a full dilated eye exam.
You need to have a complete eye exam to make sure all is well with your eyes.