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Suffering from hallucinations, sleeping issues and headaches. Can this be due to glaucoma?

I am a 34 year old man and from the last two weeks I have been having trouble sleeping along with hallucinations and headaches. Could this be because of glaucoma or is it something else? Any advice would help as the lack of sleep is really causing me to have issues at work.

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What an interesting question and I happen to know quite a bit about this. Given I am not missing anything more in your medical history. I think you have Charles bonnet syndrome. He was a Swiss philosopher from Geneva and he identified this problem due to macular degeneration in the 17th century. There is a website called Elmes umbrella. Also, the blind association can give more information; it is not a mental problem, but you ought to get this diagnosed properly. You fit the picture for me anyway. Many people suffer from this condition. It can be managed. Regarding your sleep pattern. Again, see a doctor to ascertain my diagnosis. Have you been told you have glaucoma? In any event, you can get help with sleep. Some things you can do: you can leave the light on. Fix your eyes on something in the room, move your eyes quickly back and forth. It is always good to hook up with other people going through similar problems. Do first get a diagnosis. I have had a few patients myself with this syndrome. Hopefully, you will go and see an ophthalmologist as soon as you can.

Good luck.
You have an issue which needs medical attention. Please see a physician immediately.
This is not glaucoma. See your family doc for work up
I'm sorry - physiatrists specialize in sports and spine injuries. Psychologists specialize in mental illness. Please see a psychologist for this as it is out of my scope of practice.
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