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Do cavity fillings require anesthesia?

I went to one dentist who gave me anesthesia to numb my mouth while they fill a few cavities. I changed dentists recently and I needed another cavity filled, but this time, no anesthesia was used. Is anesthesia not required for cavity fillings?

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This depends on the size of the cavity. Small cavities can be treated without the need for anesthesia, however, most cavities are into the underlying tooth structure, and will require anesthesia to prevent a significant amount of discomfort during the procedure. If you desire not to be anesthetized, this can be requested.
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Some people will choose local freezing for fillings while others don’t want it. It comes down to your threshold of pain and anxiety. If the cavity is within the enamel or superficial, there is no need for freezing, but if deeper in the dentin - inner Syed by nerves - you will feel something and freezing is a choice.

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The dentist makes an informed decision once he sees the X-ray and has consulted with you. He or she gets a pretty good idea as to what level of anesthetic you need to maintain the best comfort zone for the size cavity that is being restored. The deeper, more invasive the cavity, the more likely you're going to have an anesthetic of varying duration.