Neurologist Questions CBD Oil

CBD and motility? Does it help?

I’ve had Parkinson’s for five years. I now have a motility problem. My esophagus has been stretched and Botox has been injected. My food stays in my esophagus until the next day. I've been reading about how CBD can help with motility. What is your advice on this?

Female | 67 years old
Complaint duration: I’ve had this problem for 7 months
Medications: Carbidopa levadopa 3 times a day.

5 Answers

Yes it can be of help to you
CBD oil 3 times a day by 2000mg.

Dr. Liz
Have you tried a Calcium Channel Blocker? Amlodipine 2.5mg. Cannot take unless you have high blood pressure.
I recomend it
What does your neurologist say about the controlled studies that have been done on it? Don’t jump to try it just because it’s trendy.