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Can a chiropractor help in treating migraines?

I get about 14 migraines a month, and during a migraine I have neck pain as well. Can a chiropractor help with this?

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A good chiropractor will take a detailed history and do a thorough examination. This will help him/her determine 1) if it's a migraine, 2) what type of headache it is, and 3) the origins of the headaches. After this is determined, appropriate treatment recommendations can be made. This could involve chiropractic adjustments, dietary recommendations, and stress management.
Migraines have different forms and triggers. Chiropractic care along side with nutritional counseling helps.
Absolutely, this is one of Chiropractic's specialities.
Definitely. I am a migraine survivor. Haven't had one in over 40 years since I started having chiropractic care. That is one thing that got me interested in becoming one.
Headaches have many different causes. Chiropractic care has yield great success with many different types of headaches. Often times when headaches present themselves, neck complaints are also present. Consult with a chiropractor to find out if your headaches can be helped with chiropractic.
A chiropractor can absolutely help with this! Causes of migraines can be very diverse and differ from person to person, but a skilled chiropractic physician will help you address many underlying contributors such as the alignment of your neck and spine, nutritional triggers, stress and more. With regular care, I have successfully eliminated many of patients chronic migraines.
Oh yes the right chiropractor trained in cranial therapy especially
We have had patients that got relief from migraines through chiropractic treatment.
Of course, it all depends on the chiropractor, but typically yes. A good combination would be chiropractic and acupuncture, and you might want to meet with someone who focuses on functional medicine/nutrition.
Most of the time we can help with migraines. It is not 100% some migraines are caused by environmental issues such as food sensitivity or chemical exposure but the majority of people with Migraines benefit from chiropractic care.
Absolutely! Migraine headaches are what got me into chiropractic as a career. I suffered severe migraines weekly and chiropractic corrected the issue and I've been migraine free for years!
To be honest it usually helps but not always. If you find a chiropractor that was highly recommended and you’re going for a month or two with no change you may need to look to other alternatives like nutrition or acupuncture.
Most patients with chronic issues with migraines benefit from routine adjustments. A thorough evaluation of your case will be required to determine any additional factors that may contribute.
Usually headaches associated with neck pain will benefit from Chiropractic adjustments
We have personally seen many people overcome headaches and migraines for a lifetime. We would be happy to help you find the cause. Come on in for a consult. Our contact info is 201-265-0555
Many migraines are caused from unaddressed neck issues, and it sounds like your neck issues and migraines are related. It is very possible that chiropractic could help your migraines ... seek a chiropractic evaluation and find out !
Absolutely! Between the chiropractor relieving spinal/muscular and neurological stress, which causes tension/migraine headaches, and diving in with your internist to figure out what the trigger(s) is/are, you can really get a handle on it.
Yes, yes, yes a thousand times! Please go to the chiropractor and have them take X-rays and get you adjusted. Getting 14 migraines a month is not normal. It might be common for you, but not normal at all. Chiropractic care will help a lot.
Absolutely, yes. You do not have to suffer from migraines and, if there is neck involvement, a chiropractor who can diagnose, adjust, and do soft tissue work can help.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP

Unequivocally yes! Please seek out a chiro in your area and schedule a consultation!
In most instances, yes, at the same time it truly depends on what is causing your migraines. I can say I have had several patients get rid of their migraines, one had suffered with them for 43 years and after Chiropratic got rid of them completely. It is definitely worth finding out for yourself.
Yes! Most migraines can be helped by chiropractors quite easily. Migraines are often directly related to spinal misalignments.
80% roughly of headaches or migraines are cervicogenic, meaning it is associated with the neck. Absolutely, a Chiropractor can help you with your issues. That many migraines may warrant either MRI of neck or CT of brain. Hope I helped. Got your back. Dr Todd Gewant
I've had good outcomes. The ones most difficult to treat are the hormonal migraines. The first four bones in the neck share nerves with the head. Keeping the cervical spine movement functional with chiropractic techniques has a positive impact on many types of headaches. But you'll never know if you don't try it. Trying an elimination diet in conjunction with chiropractics may provide a better outcome. See a chiropractor that practices nutrition.
Depends if nerve interference is causing the headaches
Many people have great success with the treatment of migraines through chiropractic care. Of course, a thorough history and examination is necessary to determine possible causes and having a plan for the treatment.

Dr. Mary Jean Negri
The short answer is yes. As there are many causes for migraines, without asking further questions I cannot give you a definite answer.