Radiation Oncologist Questions Moles

The color and shape of a mole on my leg have changed. Should I be concerned?

I have a mole in my right leg that measured 2 cms six months back. However, I am now seeing the shape and color of the mole has changed and the size is now almost double. Is this a cause for concern?

10 Answers

You should see a dermatologist: he will examine you and probably do a biopsy.
Have you ever seen a dermatologist? If not, it would be reasonable for you to have this evaluated by a dermatologist. Because the lesion changes in size and shape does not necessarily mean its malignancy but it does suggest he should have it checked
Yes, you should see a dermatologist for a biopsy.
Absolutely!! You have to see a Surgical oncologist and have it removed as soon as possible!
Yes.You should see a dermatologist who is specialized in cancer of skin as soon as possible. From what you described, you may have malignant melanoma which is the most serious form of skin cancer.
Response to your question regarding moles:
If the color and/or shape of your mole changes, further evaluation by a dermatologist is recommended. Your dermatologist will perform a thorough examination and determine the appropriate intervention.

Dr. EB
You should have seen your Dermatologist 2 mos. ago. Go see him this week.
Yes, you should go to see a dermatologist who can examine the mole and give you their professional opinion.
Absolutely! This presentation is classic for skin cancer and should be evaluated rapidly.
Yes, always play safe and do not take things for granted. Remember the ABC and D to rule out a melanoma diagnosis:
A-asymmetry, B-irregular borders, C-color change, and D-increase in diameter