General Practitioner Questions Constipation

Is constipation a permanent problem for some people?

I have been having constipation for about the last 6 years. I have tried various ways to treat my constipation, but it keeps recurring. Will this be a lifelong problem for me?

2 Answers

Yes it is possible for constipation to be permanent but this is rare... chronic bowel problems may be the cause.
I certainly hope that you have consulted your position about this issue. If not, You certainly should. Any good doctor would ask you a series of questions that may shed light on your issue. Of course the doctor would know how old you are, which is an important factor. Did you ever experience constipation before six years ago? Have you ever experienced stomach pains? Does it hurt when you defecate? Di you have hemorrhoids? Of the various ways you have tried to ameliorate the problem, have you noticed any changes? What have you tried? Have you noticed any change in your stool, that is smell and color? Do you drink sufficient liquids during a day? Have you quantified your stool, that is have you weighed it? Have your parents experienced anything like this?