Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) Questions Dialysis

Does a creatinine level of 5.5 require dialysis?

My mother is a diabetes patient with a history of bypass. Her kidneys are now causing some other issues. Her creatinine levels have reached a 5.5 and she is very sleepy all through the day. Would she be require a dialysis?

5 Answers

Usually, a creatinine of 5.5 is stage 5 kidney disease. Seems like she may have uremic symptoms. Better to talk to her physician and if he/she suggests dialysis, pls proceed with that. Also, it is better to check her medications to see if any meds are making her more sleepy. Also, make sure she is not anemic. Anemia is common at this level of creatinine.
Hope this will help you.
I think she need dialysis
It's not just the creatinine number, but accompanying symptoms and abnormal labs that determine the need for dialysis. What is her blood urea level? It seems from the symptoms that she is uremic and may need dialysis initiation. Does she have poor appetite too? Swelling? Nausea? Itching? Confusion? All these symptoms are also concerning for uremia along with the increased sleepiness you described. Please take her to her nephrologist soon.