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Is day time working better than night shifts?

I have an IT job where I will work night shifts for 6 months out of the year, beginning in 3 months. The other months, I work on a day time shift. Will this switch have a negative impact on my health? How can I best prepare myself?

4 Answers

I must say that I always found working and being on call at night was more difficult for me. We will have to find a way to turn our clocks around
Yes, hormonal.
There is strong evidence that shift work is related to a number of serious health conditions, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, gastrointestinal problems, certain types of cancer, fertility problems and more obviously sleep disruption.

The following things may help with shiftwork health issues:

- proper eating habits
- sleep hygiene practices
- exercise
- trying to get day shifts
- see your doctor for other suggestions and ways to accomplish the above stated suggestions