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My mother is depressed with too much pain in her body. What should I do?

My mother has been suffering from a lot of pain all over her body. This is also making her feel pretty depressed. What should we do to help her?

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I would suggest a pain management specialist.
Take her to the doctor to find out the origin of the pain, follow doctors recommendations. No matter what is her diagnosis she would benefit from antidepressant. You have to be very patient and supportive
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first of all she needs to go to a pain management doctor and after that if her pain is under control and if she continues to have depression she need to go see a psychiatrist
I would recommend a good pain specialist as well as psychotherapy and possibly antidepressant medication.
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Discuss with her primary care physician - would be a referral to a psychiatrist or therapist.
This is a situation that depends greatly on why she has the pain. Treating the underlying illness is a primary concern, though depression always makes whatever pain worse. She may very well need treatment for depression as well. Without knowing more I can’t give you much more of an answer. She needs to be evaluated by a physician, and then move forward based on that opinion.
Clearly it is important to know the source of the pain and if possible treat the underlying causes. If the pain continues to debilitating as in situations such as arthritis, then learning how to meditate can be helpful in reducing the time in pain as well as reducing stress and depression around the pain. It is also important to assess whether depression is adding to the pain in which case an antidepressant can be tried. Some antidepressants actually reduce neurologically based pain.