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Why is it difficult to insert an IUD for a second time?

I had an IUD. However, after 4 years I got it removed and now my OBGYN is advising I don't use it again. Why?

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Probably there may be more to your question that I do not know. But IUD 's could be used in successions. Removal of an expired device and insertion of a new is part of common procedural terminologies CPT codes. I recommend a second opinion.
IUDs are among the safest and most effective forms of contraception. An IUD can usually be inserted without problems no matter how many you have had. In the past, some IUDs needed to be exchanged for a new one every year.
Many doctors are not comfortable inserting an IUD. If not done properly, there can be complications, though an experienced doctor should have no problem. If your past IUD was removed because of an infection or other problem, then your doctor my not want to expose you to the risk of that problem happening again. If you really want to know what your doctor was thinking, you should ask her.
It depends on when the first one was placed (easier after having a baby), the type of IUD, and age at IUD placement (more difficult when you are older sometimes).
I’m not certain why your doctor would be saying this. Patients get IUDs removed and replaced on a regular basis. You need to speak to your doctor as to why she doesn’t want you to have another placed.
If the first insertion was easy the second insertion will be the same if no infection occured between
Should not be any more difficult than the first time if done during your menses. Your doctor must have another reason for offering that advice to you. Would definitely discuss with him.

Rob Muller
If there was difficulty inserting the IUD, there are medications which help soften the cervix, which in turn helps with IUD insertion. IUD is the best long-term contraception. If necessary, get a second opinion.

Take care!
Most IUDs are safe, and patients use them repeatedly as long as you have monogamous relationships.