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Do braces permanently straighten teeth?

I am a 20 year old male and I want to get braces. Do braces permanently straighten teeth?

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No, retainers are a must.
No. Retention is the only way to prevent orthodontic relapse in the majority of cases. However, with clear aligners, retention is very convenient. Also, hard acrylic occlusal guards (night guards) could also function as a retainer.
Yes. Teeth do have a tendency to want to go back to where they were before being straightened. This tendency is different for each person. Wearing a retainer is highly recommended.
No. You must wear a retainer after Otho treatment
Braces will permanently fix your teeth if you choose to permanently use retainers at night after you are done with treatment.
Yes, they can. But you will need to have retainers - probably for life if you do not want the teeth to move back at all.
No, nothing in life is permanent. When you are 40 you will not look the same as you do now at 20 and when you are 60 you will have changed again. ALL tissues change with the aging process. As the muscles of our face change in tonicity, our dental apparatus changes through use over time, our periodontal supporting status weakens over time and there are minimal amounts of skeletal and soft tissue growth that occur, all of this causes the positions of teeth to change over time. The majority of the orthodontic correction achieved should be relatively stable, depending upon the particular aspects of your orthodontic problem, and the method by which it was treated, to expect your teeth to remain permanently straight is unrealistic. However, there are methods by which we can minimize any changes over the course of time. I am referring to lifetime retention. There are various types of retainers that can be permanently affixed to the teeth to prevent them from moving. You should speak to your orthodontist about this.
If you are doing braces with brackets and wires and follow with wearing your RETAINER, Your bone around your teeth is being altered to place your teeth in their proper position. Wearing your RETAINER keeps your teeth in their position while your bone is getting more dense

Yes, braces do straighten teeth but with time teeth do shift if you do not wear your retainers at night.