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How many teeth can be extracted at the same time?

I am a 48 year old female. I want to know how many teeth can be extracted at the same time?

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All teeth can be extracted at one appointment if you want it to be done that way. Dentists usually let the patient decide how many teeth to pull at each appointment depending on if they want their full mouth numb or not.
Anywhere from one to all of them, depending on the case. Hard to answer this without first evaluation of the patient, their specific dental problems and any medical conditions that may influence the judgement.
It depends on the need. We do extractions based on patients' needs and it also depends on the patient's capability to tolerate the procedure.
All of them if you want and are ok with that.
The short answer is all of your teeth can be extracted in one visit.
As many as you need as long as you are comfortable with and you do not take any blood thinner or have any bleeder disorder
Hi, thank you for the question. A dentist can extract as many teeth as necessary at one time, with proper sedation.
You could potentially have all your teeth extracted at the same time. This type of procedure is usually performed with sedation and with an oral surgeon. But some general dentists will perform this type of procedure. A thorough medical history will need to be discussed with your doctor before this type of procedure. Make sure you list all medications you are taking as they can interfere with drugs used for sedation and with post operative bleeding.
Depending on your health, as many as are needed to be removed...as long as it can be done safely. Best to talk with your Oral Surgeon.
You can get all 32 teeth extracted in one visit.

As many as you can/want. It depends on the situation. If there is a pressing issue or someone is going to have after being put to sleep then you generally take out as many as possible. If you have the time and the ability to adjust to it, you can take out fewer so the patient has an adjustment period. If you want a denture made for immediately after your teeth are taken out, then it is custom to do all the back and let them heal; then do the front ones. Even in dental school students are taking out 8-10 at a time.
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