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Do dentures cause dry sockets?

I am a 63 year old male with dentures. I want to know do dentures cause dry sockets?

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No, extractions do. Dentures can rub sore spots in the bone and may need to be adjusted
Dentures do not usually cause dry sockets.
No, they shouldn't. An upper denture could if you had an upper tooth extracted. Dry sockets are caused by loosing the blood clot after an extraction. Usually smoking, spiting, or a straw caused dry sockets.
No, dentures do not cause dry socket but is a result of a recent extraction of teeth. A dry socket is the premature loss of the blood clot in the extraction site before it can heal causing the socket to be "dry" and exposed.
No. Disturbed healing causes this.

Dry socket occurs after removal (extraction) of a tooth. After extracting a tooth, the socket that it sits in fills with blood and forms a clot. The loss of this clot leaves the socket exposed which can be painful. This is known as dry socket. So, unless you had a denture (or an immediate denture) and then had a tooth extracted, the denture can not cause dry socket. If you did have a tooth extracted and a denture put in right after, it is highly unlikely that the denture would cause the socket to lose its clot. This may occur if you put denture adhesive on the denture and then take it out pulling out the clot. After about 2 weeks, the tooth socket is mostly closed dry socket does not generally occur.
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