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What happens if you smoke after getting dental implants?

I am a 28 year old male. I want to know what happens if you smoke after getting dental implants?

7 Answers

Smoke is an irritant and also delays healing. So technically you could risk the implant success.
We never recommend smoking, however it plays a very little part in the implant
There’s a chance that the implants will fail.
Nothing may happen. However, smoking reduces the chance of implant success. It also slows healing. It’s better to avoid smoking or to cut it down to a bare minimum (especially at the beginning while things are healing).
Smoking deteriorates the prognosis for your dental implant each time you light up, so if you want your implant to be successfully integrated and function a long time, you should seriously go through a smoking cessation program. Yes, it's difficult to quit, but if you want your implant to succeed, that's what is important.
Overtime your dental implant will fail.
Nothing good. You are cooking your mouth with hot air. Tats how you cook a roast. The tissue and bone will not heal very well if at all. It is best not to smoke after implant placement.for at least 3 weeks to a month, if at all.