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Do teeth gaps close over time?

I am a 29 year old male. I have gaps between my teeth. Do teeth gaps close over time?

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Generally speaking spaces in between teeth do not close by themselves. Orthodontic intervention is needed to close space. See your dental provider. Sometimes veneers or crowns can be done to close space if you do not want braces or Invisalign.
No they don’t.

Teeth do have a tendency to move over time throughout one's life. This is because of the balance of forces of lips and tongue movements, chewing alignment are not even all of the time. Because our teeth have the ability to move (ex. with braces or Invisalign) they will move when force is applied to them in the wrong direction. That being said, it is possible for the gaps between teeth to close slightly; it is unlikely that they will close fully. Another factor to consider when gaps are present is the gum tissue. A lot of times, a strong robust gingiva (gum tissue) can prevent teeth from closing even in the presents of braces or Invisalign.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
Sometimes erupting wisdom teeth can do that but normal no
Spaces between teeth are caused by different factors. Between them is smaller ratio of teeth and jaw size, missing teeth, single teeth size discrepancy, periodontal disease, normal or patological occusal wear, just to name a few. Depending on the cause, sometimes single gaps can spontaneously close, but the tendency is rather the opposite, for gaps to become larger.
No, your gaps do not close over time; rather, they get bigger. The reason being is we tend to lose bone over time, and with that comes spacing.


Saba Rizvi
Rarely at your age
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Actually, gaps do not get better over time unless you have orthodontic treatment or cosmetic work done to improve your smile. Please make sure you verify the underlying reason why you have a gap prior to starting any dental work.
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Dr. D
Teeth move all the time but it doesn’t necessarily mean they move a certain way.
No, they usually do not
Sometimes they do over time as most individuals have teeth that want to drift towards the midline. That is called midline drift. It doesn’t happen in all cases.
No, gaps in your teeth are just that - gaps in your teeth. You can close those gaps by several types of treatment such as braces, bonding, etc.

Dr. Collier, DDS