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Do you have to be put to sleep for wisdom tooth extraction?

My doctor suggested that I need to have a wisdom tooth extraction under general anesthesia. Do you have to be put to sleep for wisdom teeth extraction?

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Follow your doctor advice.
Your doctor recommended general anaesthesia, then that must be best for you to have your 3rd molars removed. Not everyone requires general anaesthesia, but apparently, you do. Go with it, you wont regret it.
No, you do not. However, that depends on the location of your wisdom teeth. You may be extremely uncomfortable doing the procedure while conscious.
It is not an absolute, so no. The surgeon may feel you would be more comfortable going through this somewhat traumatic experience if you are asleep. The surgeon may be more comfortable if you are since he knows what you will have to go through and they may actually be able to get the job done faster if you are asleep and therefore face much fewer post-op complications.
This depends on your tolerance for dental procedures and the position of the teeth being extracted. If you are nervous about the procedure, it's best to sleep. If the teeth are embedded in the bones (impacted), it is also best to be sleeping. If the tooth/teeth are erupted and you are not nervous about the procedure, it's better to remain awake.

Not necessarily. Depending on the difficulty of the surgery and the comfort of the patient, it is a consideration. I very seldom put patients to sleep, but it can be discussed at the consultation visit.


Dr. Farzad
No you do not need sedation for wisdom teeth removal. Sedation is a preference for patients that feel anxious about and during the procedure. The procedure can be completed under local anesthesia.
This is not always necessary. You should discuss the pros and cons of general anesthesia. It can depend on many factors including overall health, personal preferences, anxiety levels, difficulty of extractions, and more.
Hope this helps!
No, you can request to stay awake. Going to sleep for dental surgery is for your comfort only.
That depends on the severity of your case. If your tooth is impacted and into jaw bone, it will require surgery and you better off being knocked out. If you do not want to be knocked out, then you have to find a different surgeon.
Depends on how badly the tooth is impacted. Some are done under local anesthesia, but they are probably not too impacted.
it depends on how difficult it is to remove the wisdom tooth. Your dentist knows better. If you want to be put under local, you have to have good pain tolerance!