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Does acupuncture really increase height?

I am a 22 year old female. I want to know if acupuncture increases height?

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You are 22. It is still possible. The golden period for females is around 14-22. Try acupuncture treatment ASAP.
No, Acupuncture cannot make you taller.
To be determined.
Not really. It depends on the patient's age; if they are young, it could help with hormone balance for growth.

Acupuncture does help with growth, but at young ages. Usually before 17-19. For females, even earlier. Please consult your local doctor for more details.


Scott Sang In Lee
Acupuncture does NOT increase height, however, it can help improve muscle relaxation and consequently the posture.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Thank you for your question,

As I understand it, you’re asking me if acupuncture can make you taller? No, there’s no evidence to that. The only possibility I can think of where perhaps there is a relationship are when the muscles around the spine are in significant spasm, perhaps causing additional curvature that is not normal decreasing height - where release of that spasm over time perhaps allows the spine to return to its natural alignment and height...?

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While acupuncture does have points that are indicated to strengthen the spine, which can energetically aid in the patient’s ability to stand up straighter, it will not increase physical height outside of that ability. I believe a good alternative would be to explore Pilates.


Natalie Ramsey, MS LAc
No, it can't increase your height.
I’ve never heard that acupuncture could increase ones height, but that doesn’t mean that is doesn’t. Acupuncture will get the body functioning more harmoniously and that can free up whatever has been keeping you from growing, but I wouldn’t claim that it increases ones height. No.
Unfortunately for us shorties, it does not. It can, however, help improve posture which may add an inch or two!
I don't think so.
Maybe, but I am not sure since acupuncture can treat so many symptoms. It might be.
Once the growth plates are fused, there are very few treatments that I'm aware of which will increase height; acupuncture definitely won't do it. For reference - in females the lower limb growth plates typically fuse between 12 and 18.

I have seen acupuncture utilized to address uneven limb length in younger children, but this is a case where the growth plates are still open.