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Does apple cider vinegar remove plaque from teeth?

I heard from my friend that apple cider vinegar removes plaque from teeth. Is that true?

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I would not advise using any kind of vinegar on enamel due to the corrosive nature. This could potentially dissolve tooth structure ( think of someone sucking on lemons that has severe enamel erosion).
In recent years Apple Cider Vinegar benefits have been well published and while their may be some truth to that, you must brush twice a day and floss every day to minimize plaque buildup and use ACV as an added protection and also for its other health benefits.
Hope this explains your question.
Vinegar is an acid. Acid won’t have much effect on plaque, but use it enough and it will dissolve the teeth themselves. Stick to the common brands of toothpastes with a soft brush. In fact, if you really want to safely remove plaque, use an electric toothbrush.