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Does being a type 2 diabetic increase my chances of getting covid-19?

I am a 50 year old female and I am a type 2 diabetic. Does being a type 2 diabetic increase my chances of getting covid-19?

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Yes, any chronic disease will increase risk.
The short answer is No, your chances of getting covid-19 are not increased because of type 2 diabetes. Your risk of getting the disease is unaltered by diabetes, however your risk of complications may be higher depending on the severity of your diabetes and other co-morbidities that are related to diabetes (weight, sugar control, heart disease, etc).
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Having DM type 2, if uncontrolled, increases the risk of COVID-19 complications.
According to the CDC, type 2 diabetes falls in the high risk category.
COVID19 is more likely to affect people with chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Autoimmune diseases like lupus, Asthma and lifestyle determinants like Smoking, Alcoholism or IVDA. The reason behind this is the immune system seems to be impaired with such conditions and these conditions are also affected with compromised baseline function of multiple organ systems like the kidney/liver and blood vessels.
Maintaining your health status as close to normal by managing your chronic conditions and avoiding exposure to the virus is the best way to keep your risk on par with the general population and avoid falling sick.
Practice safe hygiene by following hand and face hygience and physical distancing from other potentially infected humans/pets or surfaces.
As long as you keep it under control should not be a problem.
Being diabetic does not increase your chances of getting COVID 19 - but it does increase your risk of complications from the Corona virus, including respiratory issues, renal failure; Please stay home as much as you can.
Though the risk of getting COVID-19 does not increase because of type 2 diabetes, studies from population data shows that your risk for worse outcomes increases due to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes patients also tend to have more underlying heart and kidney disease that can also place them at risk for worse outcomes. I recommend that you limit exposure to others and only travel out of your home for essentials. If you feel comfortable wearing a mask when you are out of your home, I feel that this would be helpful. Remember to keep your distance and to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after contact with a foreign or contaminated surface. Stay safe!
In general, diabetes makes you more susceptible to infections, but there isn't enough data so far to show if diabetics get COVID-19 more than the general population. What we have seen, however, is that diabetics who do get COVID-19 have higher rates of serious complications (especially if their diabetes is poorly controlled).
The American Diabetes Association is a great source of information and has a webpage with FAQs related to Diabetes and the Corona virus which can be found at https://www.diabetes.org/covid-19-faq
Nope, but it does increase your chance of having a bad outcome if you contract it
It would potentially have an effect on the severity of illness, but not necessarily increase the likelihood of contracting it.
Yes, it does. Diabetes tends to compromise the immune system so you are more susceptible to infections of all types. COVID 19 seems especially prone to hit hardest in those with co-diseases or impaired immune systems. So take all precautions as outlined by the CDC. Stay home & avoid contact with potential carriers. Until we find a treatment or cure or a vaccine that's about all we can do.