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Does walking help an irregular heartbeat?

I am a 40 year old male. I have an irregular heartbeat. Does walking help an irregular heartbeat?

3 Answers

Walking helps your cardiac health in several ways. Anything you can do to improve your general health is good for your heart. You did not mention whether it was atrial fibrillation. If your heart races at very rapid rates, such as 170 or above with minimal exertion, then it would be recommended that you have medication to help control that rate. Very rapid heart rates over time can lead to deterioration of the function of the ventricles in your heart
In general, exercise is very good for your cardiovascular system and your heart. If you are having an irregular heartbeat this is often caused by what is called atrial premature beats or ventricular premature beats. Sometimes these occur more often when your heart rate is slow. By exercising or walking and increasing your heart rate that could suppress some of the premature beats. It is also likely that when you were walking you’ll be less aware of some of these premature beats.
Depending on the type or arrhythmia that is causing you to feel irregular heart beating, walking can make the symptom better or worse.