Anesthesiologist Questions Dry Mouth

Why do I have dry mouth after the anesthesia?

I had surgery 3 days ago, and was under anesthesia. Ever since, my mouth has been extremely dry. Could the two be related?

7 Answers

You were most likely given Robinul. Robinul will dry your mouth.
No, general anesthesia prevents the salivary glands from producing saliva, and usually it’s gone after twenty-four hours. After that, if the mouth is dry, it's most likely from the pain medication that are taken post-surgery.
Dry mouth is common in the few hours after general anesthesia, but it shouldn't last for days. Has there been any change in your diet, mouthwash, or toothpaste? Those could explain your dry mouth.
Number of possibilities:

1. Anesthesia team did not use a humidifier with the ventilator
2. Glycopyrrolate was used
3. Opiates were given
4. You were on high flow oxygen delivered via nasal cannula or mask
5. You were not given enough IV fluids
6. You received reversal agent for the reversal of muscle relaxant
Sometimes dry mouth results for a few hours after surgery due to certain medications used. However, 3 days suggests some other cause such as a lack of fluids.
Yes, the insensible losses of fluids, (such as from the respiratory system and skin). You may behind in your fluids. If the brain is working properly, thirst is a good indicator of being behind in your fluids.
some of the medicine used prior to anesthesia know as anticholinergic drugs causes dryness in the mouth