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Is eating a lot of eggs a problem?

I am into weight lifting and I have been advised to consume a lot of eggs. However I feel it is causing me indigestion. Is eating 6-8 eggs a day a problem?

4 Answers

The egg whites maybe ok if you’re into building muscle but that’s way too many egg yolks to be consumed in one day.
That is a lot of eggs, and will be associated with a high cholesterol intake. I would think that the limit should be egg whites and limit to 3 or 4 a day
As a GI doc I can tell you that it is not a problem from a digestive standpoint.
What you call "indigestion" is not a medical term so I cannot comment unless i know more detail as to what the symptom really is. But whatever it is, it may have nothing to do with eating eggs.
Best to see a primary crae doc first to look into that.
Eating eggs is no longer considered bad for cardiac health. However for weight lifting you need protein so try eating only egg whites and it will relieve ur indigestion