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Is excessive sleeping a side effect of anti depressants?

My wife is on anti depressants for certain hormonal imbalances in her body. Can these medicines cause excessive sleeping? She is unable to stay awake and feels sleepy most of the time.

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Some antidepressants have side effects which would increase sleepiness, some do the opposite. It depends on the medication and the dose. Speak to her prescriber as soon as possible and let the prescriber know about this potential side effect.
This is certainly something I recommend speaking to the prescribing physician about. Adverse side effects should be addressed by the physician.
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Yes, depending on the antidepressant. She should discuss it with her provider.
There are some antidepressants that can cause sleepiness and should be taken preferably at bedtime rather than during the daytime. Excessive sleepiness can also be a symptom of depression. This needs to be discussed with the doctor at the next medical appointment.
Yes they can, some more than others, and often more so in the beginning of treatment
Yes, if you look up the side effects, you will likely see any antidepressant has the side effect of sedation or activation depending on the person. Some, like mirtazapine, will cause less sedation at higher doses and more sedation at lower doses. Is she taking it at night? Sleepy 24 hours a day?
Hope that helps. Talk to the doc who wrote for it.

Sure! Some antidepressants cause sedation and she can switch to bed time as well. But please contact her doctor and follow their recommendations.
All the best.
Several antidepressants have the unwanted side effect of excessive sleepiness. Can you tell me the name of the antidepressant your wife is taking?
Certain antidepressants can cause excessive sleepiness in certain people. I would talk with your prescribing physician and ask if some other antidepressant with a different mechanism of action might help.
Sometimes SSRIs, and SNRIs, and TCAs cause sleepiness. So can medical problems.
Yes, some antidepressants can cause sedation. Please encourage her to talk to her doctor about it.
Yes, some are worse offenders than others. A well trained psychiatrist can substitute a different antidepressant that does not have excessive sleep or lightening on the dose.
Some antidepressants may cause sleepiness, however depression can also cause sleepiness. I suggest you contact the prescriber and inform her/him what is going on, so the medications can be properly adjusted.