Psychologist Questions Stress Management

I am extremely stressed out because I'm under way too much pressure at work. Please help.

I have a very high stress job and I am unable to deal with the pressure and stress. What can I do lower my stress levels?

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Find a few coping skills that are positive In your life such as working out or swimming, walking etc.
Meditation, mindfulness, exercise, social connection, getting plenty of rest, talking it out, taking breaks at work can all help manage stress. Also, cut yourself some slack and not having to be or do things perfectly.
Self care is essential to managing everyday stress. I highly recommend taking an hour a day to unplug. Turn off the phone, tablet, television and any other distractions. If possible take one short extended weekend and getaway. Sometimes just staying a night in a hotel, having a spa day or a quiet dinner alone can do wonders to help you recharge.Just make sure you make time for yourself. Your work will always be there.
There are multiple avenues we could go with this question. Work can be highly stressful....what are you doing for self-care?

Nicholas Capaul PsyS, TLLP
If you are looking for an excellent quality of life, you have to be careful not to become a workholic. Try some muscle relaxation therapy. Read about Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Joseph Wolpe. Also, read about Benson Therapy. You can go to your medicine doctor and ask for alternatives therapy like TENS (Trans Electric Nerve Stimulator) or Biofeedback devices like G.S.R. (Galvanic Skin Response) used for anxiety and stress.
Burn out is very high amongst people who have stressful jobs and do not take care of themselves. It is very important for you to organize your time and set boundaries as to when you start and stop working. Incorporate working out, eating well during your lunch breaks, and avoid taking any work home. The first way to start is to make sure you are actually taking a lunch break and not working when you’re supposed to be resting. Sufficient sleep is also very critical or else you will burn out and you will not be able to go to work at all.
Ha ha, well that’s an interesting question. What is truly important in your life? One cannot always have their cake and eat it, too. Until then, rest is important. Weekend rest vacations and evening rest vacations. Watching television and films can take away from the stress of things temporarily and so forth that becomes rest. Stay away from alcohol and drugs. Eat well and be alone at times. Even if it is a drive by yourself.
I am so sorry to hear that you are having this experience. It can be very difficult to manage high stress situations, particularly when you are faced with it on a daily basis. Be sure to take care of yourself! Exercise, doing things that you enjoy, spending time with positive people in your life, and prioritizing yourself are very important. It might also be helpful to speak with a psychologist who can help to guide you through this stressful time and provide you with helpful strategies to cope with this stress. Please feel free to reach out should you have any additional questions. Take care!
Go to the following link for ideas as to how to reduce stress at work:

If these ideas do not soften your stress level seek MH support.