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What is the way to treat eye strain due to excessive computer use?

I am 32 years old and I am experiencing a lot of strain due to overuse of computers. Since it is a part of my profession, I cannot cut down my use of computers. What should I do? Are there any exercises or preventive measures I can do?

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Certain glasses help to relax eyes at the computer. You should talk to your Optometrist about this.
Use the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look 20 feet across the room.
1- Always keep a comfortable position. never use computer in your bed
2- After each 30 minute of work give it 15 second rest look at 20 feet and blink 20 times
3- Sometimes you need blue light shield for the sceen.
We see this problem everyday. We've visual beings and have computers all around us all day long. The problem with being on devices is the fact that your eyes blink 50% less, thus producing less tears than you normally need. So here are some things to keep in mind:

You can take more frequent breaks, even 1-2 minutes extra will help. This allows your eyes to produce a little bit more tears for the day.

Keep eye drops handy. There are really good over the counter drops, we sell Retain MGD in our office and haven't had complaints yet.

There are drops specifically for Dry Eye Syndrome that you would need an actual medication for. Our biggest one we prescribe is Xiidra but Restasis also works.

Getting a pair of blue light filter lenses, even if you don't wear glasses will help relieve eye strain as well. Don't get just whatever cheap ones are available, make sure they're of the highest quality for your occupation. It's worth every penny.
One of the best preventative measures with eye strain is to decrease the use or at least look up from the computer occasionally. A good rule of thumb is: 20-20-20 (every 20 minutes, look up from the computer for 20 seconds and look at a distance of 20 feet - out a window or down the hallway). The other thing you should do is visit your optometrist for an examination to see if your prescription has changed.
Have your optometrist prescribe some glasses for use while you are on the computer and ask him for other treatment suggestions.

Since you can't reduce your time on the CPU, an eye examination is recommended. You may need computer glasses with a blue blocking anti-glare.
Hope that helps.

Vinnie Tieu, O.D.
Computer glasses with digital lenses and blue blockers really reduce eye strain. Also, blinking is significantly reduced with computer use. Take blink breaks, use lipid enhanced tears (Systane Balance, Refresh Advanced, Refresh Mega, Soothe XP, Retaine) every 1-2 hours to prevent excessive tear evaporation. Even if you don’t “need” glasses, it is a good idea to go to your eye doctor and explain your symptoms on the computer. This is often considered a medical problem and is typically covered by medical insurance.
Computer glasses would probably be helpful. I recommend you see your eye doctor. However, there are also things you can do to set up your computer workstation to minimize eye strain. Here is an article on the subject. https://totaleyecare.com/computer-glasses-eye-strain/
First of all, you should make sure that you are wearing the appropriate visual correction (glasses/contact lenses). If you don't wear anything, make sure that you don't need something by having your vision checked. While taking visual breaks is helpful, it seems that in your profession, that may not be realistic. Lubrication with artificial tears can help with eye tiredness at the end of the day. Also, eyeglasses with lenses that include Blue-Blocking technology can go a long way to reducing digital eye strain.
Regarding eye exercises: occasionally, vision therapy can be helpful, but it depends on what your initial problem is. If your eyes have a difficult time teaming together or your focusing system doesn't work alongside your muscle system, VT could be helpful. The main answer comes down to seeing your optometrist who can help
tailor-recommend the best treatment for YOUR visual system.

Be well,

Dr. EM
There are glasses with mild prescriptions and blue blocker lenses with antiglare coatings that will help to reduce the strain. Need to get the screen down and sit ergonomically. Also, take breaks and close your eyes for about 20 seconds every 20 minutes to relieve your eyes from straining.
I can recommend a progressive bifocal with a low prescription at near, second, the rule 20/20/20, each 30 minutes see something at 30 feet for 20 seconds, third, use artificial tears when readying for long time.
You can take a 5 minute break from computer use every 20 minutes to relax your eyes. You can also consider prescription-based computer glasses that will help you to relax your eyes while working at intermediate distances such as a computer. I would also recommend anti-glare lenses with blue light protection which will reduce the amount of glare and dangerous blue light from damaging the back of your eye.
Frequent breaks from the computer screen. Excessive blinking, and using OTC artificial tears.
You first need to go and have a comprehensive, dilated eye exam with an optometrist to make sure that you are wearing your best prescription. Most eye strain from the computer is from you eyes drying out. Now days we have more of a half blink instead of a full blink which doesn't allow the oily layer to be deposited onto the cornea to protect the aqueous layer of your tear film. Concentrate on blinking fully with your eyes lightly touching each other. You can also use artificial tears 2-4 times a day to help with dryness as well.