Naturopathic Physician Questions Food Poisoning

Can food poisoning be treated at home?

Thankfully my family has never had to deal with food poisoning, but if one of us does, is this something that simply goes away at home or is hospitalization required?

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Often times food poisoning symptoms are self limiting and go away at home. It is still recommended to have lab testing done (functional medicine stool culture). This is because sometimes infections will hang out in the gut and can lead to longer term problems such as autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.
I'm glad you've never had it; it's no fun. Sometimes food poisoning can be treated at home very easily, and sometimes more intensive care and professional intervention is needed. If you have a pretty mild case, sometimes our body can deal with it on it's own but sometimes it can still benefit from supplements like activated charcoal pills (orally or topically as described in this video or certain types/grade of colloidal silver, like SmartSilver by Des Bio. If you have a moderate to severe case and can't keep any fluids or food down, or you are getting dehydrated from diarrhea, or have fever, definitely seek medical care right away.
This depends on the severity of the symptoms. If a lot of fluid is lost via diarrhea, hospitalization may be necessary.

Dr. Krisel Nagallo, NMD
Dear Patient,

Food poisoning is a generic term that includes a plethora of possibilities as far as differential diagnosis. The symptoms might be mild or severe. The organs involved may include one or many. That said, any significant symptoms must be dealt with by medical professionals. This may be done by phone, telemedicine or an office or medical center. Most of the time, if a patient is looked at and sent home, the symptoms can be managed by the patient and or family. There are a number of medicinal foods and modalities that may be used once a diagnosis has been made.
Food poisoning. This is quite a big subject. Most important is to have an educated guess as to what the poison is, treatment definitely should target the cause. 1. Chemical toxins including radioactive belong to specialist even choice facilities 2. Bacterial - gastro salmonella/shigella. Self-limiting, may required fluid a electrolyte can be manage at home, but hospital necessary when oral replacement not tolerated. 3. Viral toxins. again if symptoms not relieved by conservative means usually fluid and electrolyte replacement many need IV in hospital. As a general rule except for chemical toxins (heavy metals, EMF, radioactive toxins, etc.) 24 hours management at home with patient in reasonable state of health without prior health challenges, conscious, coherent, and hydrated can be manage at home.