General Practitioner Questions Indigestion

Why am I having regular indigestion?

I've changed my diet recently to only include whole foods and home-cooked meals. But I still experience frequent indigestion. Why could this be?

5 Answers

Esophageal reflux can be the answer. You might ought to have an upper GI to rule out esophageal erosions. H Pylori infection can be assessed with a breath test.
The ingestion is also due to the circadian rhythm, regularized by metabolism hormone, this rhythm can last a day, as it can last a week as it can last a month, a metabolic balance is necessary, lipid, glycemic, etc.
Could be a number of things. Recommend going to see your PCP. Have you tried using probiotics?
You need to be evaluated and possibly some study for diagnosis and adequate management. Please go to primary care.
Try fasting. It is an extremely under utilized cure for what ails you. If you fast on water only, your indigestion will disappear after several days, and you will feel great! If you have diabetes, this is highly unadvisable. After fasting, add one food time at a time until you start to have indigestion again. That way, you can find what it is that irritates your stomach.