Family Practitioner Questions Indigestion

Is bad breath a sign of indigestion?

My son is 12 years old and has been having bad mouth breath for the last 2 days. Could this be a sign of indigestion?

5 Answers

Hi, this could be a sign of indigestion, but certainly not the only cause of "bad" breath. Causes can vary from local causes, e.g., gingivitis, pharyngitis, to metabolic causes, e.g., ketoacidosis.
Kindly see your Dr. who will be able to able to assist you to find the cause and help in treatment.
It certainly can be, although in that age group, it is more likely due to food getting caught in crypts in the child's tonsils. This can be easily diagnosed on a thorough physical exam. This may also be caused by sinusitis, so it would be best to have him evaluated.
Yes, he may be having increased acid in his stomach.
Possibly. Or it could simply be a sign of bad oral hygiene.